New Work-Top Electric Home Canning Machine 153mm Diameter Can Sealer


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New Work-Top Electric Home Canning Machine.
153mm Diameter Can Seamer

Open top cans are made of electrolytic tin coated steel. Cans are available with standard ends (lids). R enamel lined cans are for use with dry food applications. WARNING: All open top cans have sharp edges.

153mm can Seaming Machine, is Quality Engineered. This machine will seam all cans of 153mm diameter, from 28mm up to 246mm in height.
Can Diameter be that of a mountain house food can?

£290 Fee will Be Charged on all Machines Returned

This is non-negotiable 

If you buy one of my Seaming Machines and then you want to return or change your mind and want a different size machine there will be a charge for this as they have to be re-calibrate for food safety practices ( Used or unused)returned cost is paid by the buyer and any damage to the Canning Machine will be deducted from the refund of payment. 
All opened boxes or part boxes of Cans can't be returned
10% Restocking Fee
On Cans & Lids
12-Month Manufacturers Warranty

N.B. preserving jars cost £2-3 a jar and let light in. BUT CANS DON'T. Light is just as dangerous as air and moisture.
It can degrade the nutritional value of your food.