New Proflow 2 SC 120 Powered Air Respirator Full Kit With Mask And Filters


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Proflow 2 SC 120 Powered Air Respirator Kit
(including blower, battery charger,
hose & belt, Suit & Gloves, Mask)

Intelligent and easy to use, the Pro-flow 2 SC 120 has a number of advanced refinements over the original Pro-flow concept.

Lightweight and compact, the Pro-flow SC's ergonomic design incorporates a curved back plate, which ensures user comfort even for long periods. The addition of new head-tops expands the range of applications. The unique 3 year/1800 hour blower warranty confirms the reliability.

Product Highlights

  • Electronic control compensates for higher filter resistance to ensure the correct flow is maintained.
  • Lightweight NiMH battery provides full shift operation.
  • On board chip data logs all usage which is downloadable to provide full service and maintenance information.
  • Simple recharging system; recharging takes only 6 hours.
  • Unique 3 year/1800 hour blower warranty, whichever comes first (battery warranty 1 year).

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1 Proflow 2 SC 120 Powered Air Respirator