New 2019 Stainless Steel Beverage Semi-Automatic Home Canning Machine 53mm Diameter


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New 2019  Semi-Automatic

Home Canning Machine 53mm Diameter.
this canning machine will seal 250ml, 330ml, 440ml and the 500ml.

New 2019 Stainless Steel Beverage
Work-Top Electric Home Canning Machine.

53mm Diameter Beer Can Sealer

4 to 6 days for Delivery from the Day of payment/ purchase due to high demand

 This machine will seal all beverage cans of
53mm Diameter from

250ml, 330ml 440ml and 500ml 

The canning machine is suitable for all kinds of tin, plastic, glass, paper cans
Reliable quality, simple to use. this automatic canning machine is an ideal bit of equipment for food canning.

53mm Automatic Can Seamer
53mm Diameter
Stainless Steel
370w motor
30 Cans Min
dimension: 800-360- 940mm
weight 55kg
Twin Motor
Tool Kit
Foot Pedal    

This is non-negotiable

£290 Fee will Be Charged on all Machines Returned

If you buy one of my Seaming Machines and then you want to return or change your mind and want a different size machine there will be a charge for this as they have to be re-calibrate for food safety practices ( Used or unused)returned cost is paid by the buyer and any damage to the Canning Machine will be deducted from the refund of payment.
All opened boxes or part boxes of Cans can't be returned