Can/Bottle Labeling Machine – Label Applicator - Micro Brewery, food cans, soft drink cans


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Bench Top Manual Canning/Bottling Labeling Machine 

 is a simple and cost effective solution for small producers to apply labels to Cans, bottles, jars and round containers 

Great for Food canning, Micro-Brewery, Distillery, Wine Makers, Cosmetics, Candles, e-Liquid, vape juice and any product in a cylindrical container  

Simple and easily adjustable for a wide range of Cans, bottle and label sizes including full wrap-around and front-and-back off the same roll 

Just place a Can, bottle on the machine and turn the handle, up to 800 bottles per hour is possible


  • Works with self-adhesive labels supplied on a roll with a 76mm core, with other sizes to.
  • Max label height 175mm and any label width (to fully wrap around bottle if needed)
  • Durable and high quality machine
  • Adjustable for Cans, bottle diameters from 10mm to 110mm 
  • Machine size - 20cm wide, 36cm deep and 25cm tall

    Digitally printed clear labels on rolls 

The machine is Designed and manufactured by us here in the UK and we offer a 1 year warranty .