1000 x Baked Bean Gold Can Size 73 mm x 109 with Ring Pull lids


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1000 Cans + Lids
73 x 109 Standard Tin Can
Ring Pull Lids
Product information "Tin can 73/109"

A standard tin can in size 73 mm x 109 mm The diameter of the Can is
73mm the height 109 mm.

The item is white inside as standard, the outside is painted gold.
To close, an electric canning machine is needed.

  Product information "Folding cover 73 mm"
 lid 73 mm suitable for all steel tin cans with a diameter of 73mm sold by us.
The lid is suitable for preserving, pasteurizing and sterilizing.
Suitable Electric can Canning Machine is Required.
The plastic snap-on lids that can be ordered
only fits when the lid is applied to the cans.
Safety note:
The cans at the opening are sharp-edged.